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Enrolling for Primary 1?

All children who will be five years of age, up to and including the last day of February, are admitted on a phased basis during the preceding August. All children who will reach the age of five on or before Tuesday 22nd August should begin school after the summer break. Children who reach five after 22nd August but before 28 February may also be enrolled for school in August. Parents of these children may, however, choose not to enrol the child until the next August. Aberdeenshire Education & Recreation Service makes no provision to admit any children who are five after the February closing date, unless that child has previously been enrolled and has commenced full-time
attendance at an infant class in a state supported or Armed Forces school and is transferring into Aberdeenshire. In this case, the Education Network Manager can exercise discretion. Enrolment in a nursery or playgroup does not count for the purposes of this exception.

How to Enrol?

If you would like to enrol a child at Strathdon Primary School, please got in touch with our Head Teacher. Full contact details can be found on the "School Information” page.

Can my child attend a different school?

Every parent has a right to make a request to Aberdeenshire Education & Recreation Service to have his/her child enrolled in the school of their choice. This right can be exercised at any time and not just at the time of infant admission to school or transfer from one school to another.  Aberdeenshire Education & Recreation Service has decided that the simplest way to deal with such requests is for the parents to approach, in the first instance, the Head Teacher of the school at which they wish their child to attend.

What if my child has additional needs?

Aberdeenshire Education & Recreational Service provides a range of services for pupils with additional needs. These services are designed to ensure that any child with additional needs, whether arising from disability, or delayed development, or from difficulties with learning, is identified as early as possible; that the child is fully assessed to determine the nature and degree of additional needs; and that the appropriate form of provision and/or support is provided.
All pupils with additional needs services are supported according to the general principles of :-
· full participation of parents and carers
· equality of opportunity
· inclusion
· the effective use of resources
These principles provide the framework for the planning and delivery of additional needs services. They imply an open and participative approach where parents and carers, and children themselves, are fully involved in decisions about the best ways of meeting the child's additional needs. The principles also imply that, as far as is consistent with the effective use of resources, provision is made within the local school in order that pupils with additional needs can have the same opportunities and access to the curriculum that are available for all children.

What happens if my child is unable to attend school due to long-term illness?

Where a child is unable to attend school due to long-term illness the Authority can make provision for individual tuition. Parents should approach the Head Teacher of the school.

Is my child insured while at school?

No insurance is held by Aberdeenshire Education & Recreation Service which automatically compensates school pupils for personal accident, where an accident occurs within or outwith the boundary of the school. Insurance of this nature, e.g. personal accident. life, or private medical care is seen as a parental responsibility. It is your responsibility as a parent to insure your child for personal accident or death if you feel this is appropriate.

Is there free school transport?

The Council provides free transport to all children who live over two miles walking distance from Strathdon School. Free School Transport can also be provided for children with additional support needs. This is not a guaranteed 'door to door' service and in certain circumstances, children may be required to walk to their pick-up location. There is normally no provision of free home transport where a child attends a school other than the school they are zoned to. School transport routes are determined by the pick-up locations required for pupils who are entitled to free school transport.
Pupils who live within two miles of primary school or three miles of secondary school may be able to travel on school transport at a charge. Where spare seats are available on a school transport route parents/carers can apply for a privilege place for their child by downloading an application form. The application form includes information on prices and payment methods for Privilege Passes. Discounts are available for pupils entitled to Free School Meals, and to families with 3 or more children travelling to the same school.
Where season tickets are lost, a charge of £2 plus administrative costs is charged for a renewal.

For further information click on the link below or contact the school.


What happens in adverse weather conditions?

The Head Teacher has complete discretion to close the school in anticipated storm conditions that would put pupils at risk. Where possible, the Head Teacher will endeavour to contact parents to let them know of such a decision. However, this is not guaranteed and it is of vital importance that the Head Teacher is kept up to date with contact telephone numbers in order to cover all emergencies. Every care is taken to ensure that pupils are not sent out in dangerous conditions. Adverse weather conditions could result in the retention of children in schools, or at nearby addresses, and the Head Teacher will request parents to nominate relatives or friends as an emergency contact who can, in an emergency, look after their children. There are various options to finding out if the school will be closed. These are:
· Aberdeenshire website - this site can be reached by clicking on the  link below:
    The information on the website is re-set at 4:00pm each afternoon so as to start receiving information for the next day.
· Local radio stations - these radio stations receive updated information bulletins every 15 minutes from the above website.
· Aberdeenshire school information line - to operate this, parents should dial 0870 054 4999 followed by Strathdon's dedicated PIN number (022640) when prompted.

Who can claim free school meals?
Free school meals are linked to the level of benefit and income a family receives and will be provided if you are receiving:
Income Support (IS)
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance
Child Tax Credit (CTC), but not Working Tax Credit, and your income is less than £15,860
Both maximum Child Tax Credit and maximum Working Tax Credit and your income is under     £6420
A leaflet called "A Guide on How to Obtain Free School Meals" is available from the school along with an application form.

School Meals charges are £2 per ticket and £20 for a book of 10 meal tickets (From August 2013). Cheques should be made payable to Aberdeenshire Council.

Do you have a policy of photography and video recording of pupils?
Aberdeenshire Education & Recreation Service understands that parents like to have mementos of their children's life at school and may want to have photographs and video recordings of a range of events such as school plays, concerts and sport's days. In response to this a policy has been introduced that permits photography and video recording of pupils whilst respecting the rights of individuals.

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